u know when you’re writing a test and u can’t answer a question so you decide to skip it and then u find out the next 10 questions are all based on the answer from that one question you cannot do and it’s literally just like


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Young The Giant - RDS

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"My name is Sameer, um, I’m in a band called Young the Giant…"

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can I just say that a couple weeks ago the veronicas tweeted “your name my favorite word to say” which is a line from heart like a boat and if that song is on that stupid album I WILL CRY 

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lol I took all of these quizzes we had to take before orientation and didn’t read anything but got almost all 100s and these dumb people in the group were like “omg so hard!!!!”

??????? I really think I will enjoy this school BUT THE CLASS OF 2018 NEEDS TO GO 

plz don’t talk to me about you waiting “forever” for one of your favorite bands/artists to release a new album because The Veronicas haven’t released an album in seven years and have been telling us their new album will be out “soon” for like six so

#DONE with them tbh

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Honestly speaking, I love Lea Michele and Louder is one of my favorite albums now but the live performances of any of the songs haven’t been the best

BUT her broadway covers/tributes are so good I can’t handle it like Lea is so talented and people don’t see that because she tried to be a big pop star but she’s not a pop singer!!!!!!

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jennaushkowitz 365 days since you’ve gone and not a day passes we don’t remember your smiling face. We miss you buddy. Thanks to everyone for your love and support today while we remember our quarterback.

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