“We fall in love with one version of someone and we expect them to stay that way, but they never do.”

Olivia Wilde, Her: Love in the Modern Age (via voodoogirl95)

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this is performance art

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If this stupid transcript thing prevents me from transferring I am going to be very annoyed >:(

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"write two paragraphs describing yourself"


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i got out of bed at 11:30 to make this

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The Veronicas - You Ruin Me

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I laugh every time I see this vine cause even the kids turnt

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“what if the aborted baby could have cured cancer???”

oh my god what if the last egg I bled onto a kotex product could have cured cancer??

oh my god how am I not birthing every possible egg I produce, lest one of those resulting babies be the person who cures cancer/AIDS/creates world peace????

what if that baby could have been a musical artist described by pitchfork as “liberace with a metalcore twist”????

how dare i not be pregnant/birthing all the time always?????

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To install iOS 8 on your Apple device, you may have to free up some space by deleting apps and photos, clearing out your loft, selling your car, burning all your clothes and putting grandma into a home.

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